It’s time to end poverty and rebuild the middle class in America. We believe cash is an effective way to achieve that.

We’re a group of organizers, policymakers, artists, and technologists exploring how cash can help people adapt to the new economy.

We fund research to inform the debate, campaigns to expand access to cash, and cultural initiatives to inspire the public’s imagination.
There’s a growing conversation about how basic income could work for Americans. Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

Bold v. Old: Big Problems Call for Bold Solutions

As the 2020 cycle gains momentum, so does the race for fixes to our country’s most pressing issues: more than half of Americans can’t come up with $500 in case of an emergency. The racial and gender income and wealth gaps remain entrenched.

The Cost-of-Living Refund, Explained

Modernizing the Earned Income Tax Credit will help Americans with the rising cost of living and housing. Watch videos and download fact sheets exploring this strong economic policy.

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