Emergency Money to the People


One more check is not enough:
Recurring checks until the economy recovers.

A year into the pandemic, the stunning economic crisis for those on the bottom half of the economic ladder demands urgent action. Congress has sent aid, but not nearly enough. The White House and Congress must send relief at the scale of the crisis, including regular direct checks continuing until the economy recovers.

We should target checks to those who need help most and will spend it to spur the economic recovery. But a one-time check will only last people a couple of months. The key to a speedy, lasting, and racially equitable recovery is targeted, recurring relief tied to economic conditions.

Latest Updates

Small Business Owners, Faith Leaders, Community Organizers Call on Congress to Pass Stimulus Checks

Today, 5,600 small business owners, 25 church leaders representing more than 30 million African American congregants, and 54 labor and community organizations sent letters urging Congress to pass recurring stimulus checks to help struggling families and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Economists are calling for more stimulus checks. Here’s where assistance plans stand

A group of more than 125 economists including Jason Furman, a former top economic advisor to President Barack Obama, is calling for more direct cash payments to American families to help them weather the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Give Americans a stimulus check by Christmas or small businesses will have an unhappy new year

Now is the time for bold solutions. This holiday season, Congress must quickly pass a robust stimulus that includes access to loans and grants for the neediest businesses and direct checks to individuals to promote a sustained and racially equitable recovery that helps families and small businesses get back on their feet.

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Restaurant Owner Pushes Campaign For More Relief For Coloradans

A Denver restaurant owner hasn’t given up hope on her eight month-long mission to get economic relief to Americans. Stephanie Bonin started a change.org petition, that is approaching two million signatures, to urge congressional leaders to extend payments during the pandemic.

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Momentum Builds for Regular Cash Payments

Six months into the global pandemic, and the push for getting regular cash payments to help keep families afloat is gaining steam. Once considered a radical idea, recurring cash payments are now supported by a majority of Americans, members on both sides of the aisle in Congress, and even the leading candidates for President and Vice President.

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Economists have long championed the role of “automatic stabilisers”. When an economy tanks, these fiscal policies kick in immediately, without any need for congressional approval, and provide a countercyclical economic stimulus. Last month, 156 independent economists called for Congress to implement such a scheme, using direct cash payments.

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Without Action From Congress, Families & The Economy Face Calamity On July 31st

On July 31st, much of the financial support millions of American families have received from the CARES Act will end, cutting off critical funding that has kept families afloat – just as rent comes due.

As COVID cases continue to rise and the economic recovery trudges slowly along, tens of millions of Americans are about to have their safety net pulled out from underneath them at the worst possible moment. 

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By putting money in people’s wallets alongside safety net programs, we can ensure that when the next crisis inevitably arrives, families and the economy are more resilient to its effects.

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3/4 of House Dems back regular payments

Both the Congressional Progressive Caucus and New Democrat Coalition have called for regular payments, together representing 3/4 of the Democratic caucus.

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CARES 2: Fixes Needed To Get More Money To More People, More Quickly

Following the passage of the CARES Act that gave direct cash assistance to millions of American families, Congress is already working on CARES 2 — another direct cash infusion to help those struggling from the economic crisis. Already, some Members of Congress have proposed solutions — but there’s more to be done to address the gaps and the deepening need.

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