Emergency Money to the People


We are in a health crisis, and entering an economic crisis. Let’s give Emergency Money to the People.

As families and communities deal with the coronavirus outbreak and resulting economic toll, we must provide immediate financial support to the millions of American families who were already living paycheck-to-paycheck before this crisis unfolded. Widespread precarity, income inequality, racial exclusion and corporate concentration have put all of us in a very poor position to weather this storm.

Emergency Money to the People delivers help to those who need it most. An emergency cash infusion would offer immediate relief to individuals and households, covering nearly all Americans, while also boosting the economy.

To do the most good for the most people, a cash stimulus should be:

  • Big – at the scale of the crisis
  • Immediate – not a trickle like a payroll tax
  • Lasting – until the economy recovers

Bottom line: we need to get money into people’s pockets as quickly as possible. Sign on if you’re with us.

Our Emergency Money to the People plan is embodied in the latest proposal by Senators Michael Bennet, Cory Booker and Sherrod Brown. Administered through the IRS, the plan would provide a $2,000 immediate cash payment to adults and children, with additional payments of at least $1,000 a person every three months until the economy recovers. Payment amounts would phase-out for higher-income taxpayers.

Sign-On Letter

Join leaders and organizations from across the nation in the call for Emergency Money to the People.

The Ryan/Khanna Emergency Money for the People Act

Another cash proposal based in part on Economic Security Project’s policy work is The Emergency Money for the People Act, which would provide monthly checks of $1,000 to every adult earning up to $130,000. Families with children would get up to $1,000 more. Payments would continue for six months, with the potential for an additional six-month extension.

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