Emergency Money to the People


This is a health and economic crisis. Let’s give Emergency Money to the People.

As families and communities continue to deal with the coronavirus outbreak and resulting economic toll, we must provide lasting financial support to the millions of American families who were already living paycheck to paycheck before this crisis unfolded.

Emergency Money to the People delivers help to those who need it most, helping Americans get back on their feet and driving the economic recovery. It should be:

  • Bigger – at the scale of the crisis
  • Regular – delivering help as people need it
  • Lasting – until the economy recovers

Our Emergency Money to the People plan would provide $2,000 every month until the economy recovers.

Bottom line: we need to get money into people’s pockets as quickly as possible, and for as long as this crisis lasts. Sign on if you’re with us.

CARES 2: Fixes Needed To Get More Money To More People, More Quickly

Following the passage of the CARES Act that gave direct cash assistance to millions of American families, Congress is already working on CARES 2 — another direct cash infusion to help those struggling from the economic crisis. Already, some Members of Congress have proposed solutions — but there’s more to be done to address the gaps and the deepening need.

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Join leaders and organizations from across the nation in the call for Emergency Money to the People.

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