Guaranteed Income


We’ve achieved a historic milestone in the fight for a guaranteed income.

We’ve now crossed the threshold of 100 guaranteed income pilots announced – located in 30 states, these pilots are reaching more than 38,000 recipients nationwide. 

In 2017, Economic Security Project helped launch two big pilots in Stockton, CA and Jackson, MS. Together, we open-sourced the playbook and invited others to join the movement. Over the past five years, we’ve mobilized research, resources, and people to take a bold idea and make it real in people’s lives. This milestone reflects the dedicated work of hundreds of people committed to the vision of economic freedom and stability for all.

We also know the work is ahead of us. The ultimate goal – passing guaranteed income policies – is becoming a closer reality with each successful pilot. While local communities and elected leaders worked to build programs and move cash immediately at the local level, we’re seeing others build on their work to pass innovative cash policies in states and at the federal level with the expanded Child Tax Credit.

It’s more than just a check, it’s food on the table. A chance at a better job to provide for their families. A peace of mind when times get hard. The guaranteed income “experiment” has become a movement, a movement for economic freedom and stability for all. The 100 pilots, and counting, have shown us that people have chosen opportunity, now is the time that our elected and community leaders choose to keep building and strengthening this movement.

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Cash As Care

In this paper, we assert that a federal guaranteed income would give mothers of color some of the resources they have long been fighting for, the very resources that would build better health and address the health inequities we see in our communities. In other words, we assert that a federal guaranteed income is a public health intervention whose time has come.

Guaranteed Income Community of Practice

The Guaranteed Income Community of Practice convenes guaranteed income stakeholders, including policy experts, researchers, community and program leaders, funders, and elected officials to promote learning and collaboration in the burgeoning arena of unconditional cash programs. Economic Security Project is proud to partner with and elevate the expertise of Springboard To Opportunities, the Stanford Basic Income Lab, Mayors for a Guaranteed Income, the Center for Guaranteed Income Research, and Asset Funders Network as co-conveners of this work.

States Lead the Way

A new guide developed in collaboration by the Shriver Center on Poverty Law and Economic Security Project shows why and how states should engage with guaranteed income projects.

Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED)

Beginning in February of 2019, the mayor-led SEED program began distributing $500 each month to 125 Stocktonians. The payments will continue for 18 months, resulting in both quantitative and qualitative research examining the impact of the guaranteed income project.

Magnolia Mother’s Trust

In 2019, the Magnolia Mother’s Trust provided $1,000 a month for one year to 20 Black mothers living in extreme poverty in Jackson, MS. A second year of the program began in March of 2020, with 110 moms participating.

Cost-of-Living Refund

While pilots are an integral component of making the case for a guaranteed income, we are also focused on how to scale up those efforts to both the state and national level. By building off one of our nation’s most effective anti-poverty tools, the Earned Income Tax Credit, our Cost-of-Living Refund would support the poor and middle class by expanding the definition of work to include caregivers and students and offering monthly payments of up to $500; essentially providing the same benefit as a guaranteed income.

How to Apply for Funding

We are eager to support creative ideas and smart strategies to advance cash as a solution. At this time, we accept proposals only by invitation.

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