How We Work


The way forward will require on-the-ground experimentation, moral imagination, and political muscle.

It will also require mobilizing people to buck the trend of policy making often being two steps behind the challenge we’re trying to solve. To achieve our mission, we develop strategies and fund organizations that:


These strategies and investments help big ideas move in the cultural and political zeitgeist;


These are focused on mainstreaming by growing the evidence base, spreading narratives that connect to target audiences and identifying the champions that can be powerful voices on behalf of the issue; and;


These are about concrete strategies and tactics that make it possible to notch critical wins that show progress and momentum.

We build our funds and pick our fights based on our analysis of where our team can provide value add, where there are gaps in the existing ecosystem and where a little push could turn an idea from a trend into a substantive intervention that improves people’s lives.

To get involved or apply to the funds, visit our Guaranteed Income and Anti-Monopoly pages.

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